Labor Negotiations

Labor Negotiations


Below are some recent updates on the status of negotiations with labor partners. We will continue to update you as we move forward.

Return Together Labor Negotiations

Negotiations Dashboard: SCTA

6/3/20 Invitation to begin discussions of negotiable effects of reopening
6/23/20 General Discussion on Reopening Plan 

Negotiations on Return Together Plan: Health & Safety Plan

Proposal to SCTA on Health & Safety


Negotiations on Return Together Health & Safety Plan 

Proposal 2 to SCTA on Health and Safety

Proposal to SCTA on Essential Standards


Proposal on Distance Learning 


SCTA rejected Sac City Unified’s July 10 proposal to provide a stipend for teachers to support their colleagues by creating, developing and providing a bank of lessons on essential standards. 


SCTA did not present the district with a counter proposal on the district’s July 16 proposal on Distance Learning or the July 2 proposal on Health and Safety.


SCTA and the district will meet again on August 6 and we look forward to receiving SCTA’s counter-proposal at that time.

7/29/2020 As time is of the essence, the district plans to hold meetings as part of the negotiations process on August 3 and 4. These meetings will include time for questions and discussion with members from specific grade spans and specialty areas (e.g. SPED). SCUSD is committed to providing the clarity that our community and staff deserve regarding distance learning which begins on September 3.

Meetings with SCTA Representatives:


10 AM Primary

11:45 AM Intermediate

1:30 PM Middle School

3:15 PM High School


Meetings with SCTA Representatives:


10 AM Physical Education 

11:45 AM Special Education

1:30 PM Career Technical Education

3:15 PM Child Development

5 PM Music


Negotiation meeting 

SCTA presents its first counter proposal on Distance Learning


Negotiation meeting

District presents its response to SCTA’s August 6 counterproposal on distance learning.


As of today, SCTA has not presented a counter proposal on the district’s July 2 Health and Safety Plan. 


SCTA proposed Elementary and Secondary student schedules requiring no more instructional support for students than the minimum under SB 98.


SCTA also proposed a schedule for the first six days of school in which students would participate in synchronous “activities” or independent work while teachers participate in professional development.


Rather than pull standards-based instructional time away from students, the district’s August 13 proposal would add two additional days for teacher professional development prior to school starting. This could be achieved by moving an existing professional development day from the end of the school year to the start of the school year, providing teachers with three full professional development days without taking learning time away from our students.

8/14/2020 SCTA disclosed that they had made an offer during a confidential mediation process. SCTA proposed it would dismiss some of its PERB unfair practices charges if the district dropped its unfair practice charge against SCTA for failing to bargain in good faith over successor contract agreements. SCTA posted a letter asserting that the district did not respond to this proposal. Please read the district’s response to the SCTA letter here.
8/17/2020 The district sent a letter proposing to meet with SCTA on the following dates: August 18, August 19, and August 21.

SCTA responded that the only day they could meet was August 20, the only date not offered by the district this week. 


The district sent a letter proposing to meet with SCTA on the following dates: August 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. You can view the letter and SCTA’s email response here.

Negotiations Meeting

SCTA presented a counterproposal to the District’s proposal from August 13 – changes to the proposal are indicated in red. 


The district sent a proposal to SCTA and a letter to proposing to meet additional days to reach agreement:

“SCTA presented a response to the District’s August 13, 2020, proposal that was largely similar to the same proposal that SCTA shared with the District on August 6. The District is deeply disappointed that the proposal SCTA shared yesterday, which was eleven (11) days after our last negotiations session, showed very little movement on the part of SCTA related to the District’s distance learning proposal.”

The District reiterated its availability to meet with SCTA’s negotiation team for any amount of time on August 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31.


SCTA has now indicated that it would only meet on August 26-29 if the district delayed a hearing to decide the district’s unfair labor practice charge against SCTA over successor contract negotiations.

8/29/2020 Negotiations Meeting Schedule
8/30/2020 Negotiations Meeting 
8/30/2020 Proposal from District to SCTA on Distance Learning
8/31/2020 Negotiations Meeting 
9/1/2020 Letter from District on SCTA’s Request for Impasse Determination 
9/3/2020 First Day of School
9/4/2020 Mediation to begin at 4 PM
9/5/2020 District Announcement of Distance Learning Plan

Cease and desist letter to SCTA

10/13/2020 Negotiation Meeting
10/14/2020 Proposal on In-Person Assessments in Distance Learning Model
10/23/2020 SCTA Counter Proposal that In-Person Assessments of Students with Disabilities should be voluntary and require additional pay, and would be contingent on a number of additional requirements beyond state and local standards. To learn more about issues with this proposal, please view this post.
10/29/2020 SCUSD presented SCTA with a counter-proposal to provide students with disabilities with legally-mandated in-person assessments. SCUSD rejected many aspects of SCTA’s proposal and countered with a district proposal that provides extensive health and safety requirements to protect students and staff that meet or go above state and county guidelines. To learn more about the district’s counterproposal, please view this post.
10/29/2020 SCUSD proposal to SCTA on initial in-person assessment for students who are English Language Learners (incorporating health and safety provisions that go above and beyond state and county guidelines).
10/29/2020 SCUSD proposal to SCTA to begin in-person vision and hearing assessments for students (incorporating health and safety provisions that go above and beyond state and county guidelines).
10/29/2020 SCUSD proposal to SCTA on resuming in-person athletics, consistent with CIF guidelines, and state and county health requirements.
11/20/2020 Proposal on In-Person Support for Students
11/20/2020 Counter to SCTA Proposal on 1-on-1 Assessments

ACLU Guidance to School Districts About Legal Requirements During the 2020-21 School Year

Comment to SCUSD from Public Advocates, Children Now, and Education Trust West

Negotiations Dashboard: SEIU

6/3/2020 Invitation to begin discussions on negotiable effects of reopening
7/22/2020 General Discussion on Early Childhood Development. and Health and Safety
7/28/2020 General Discussion on Health and Safety
8/27/2020 MOU: Health and Safety 
8/27/2020 MOU:Work Changes 
9/11/2020 Negotiations Meeting: Health and Safety 

Negotiations Dashboard: Teamsters

6/3/2020 Invitation to begin discussions on negotiable effects of reopening

Negotiations Dashboard: UPE

6/3/2020 Invitation to begin discussions on negotiable effects of reopening
9/15/2020 Negotiations Meeting 
10/1/2020 Negotiations Meeting 
10/8/2020 Negotiations Meeting 
  Signed MOU on Return to Instruction in Distance Learning

FAQ on Impasse, Mediation, and Fact-Finding


We know you have many questions about our negotiations, impasse, and the fact-finding process. Read below to learn more:

What does impasse mean?

Impasse means that two parties were unable to reach agreement through the negotiations process.

What is mediation?

Once a party declares impasse, the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) will assign a mediator or mediation team to try and help the parties come to an agreement. If no agreement is reached, the mediator will certify impasse and the issue will move to fact-finding.