Labor Negotiations

Labor Negotiations


Below are some recent updates on the status of negotiations with labor partners. We will continue to update you as we move forward.

Labor Negotiations Meetings

SEIU, UPE, Teamsters 6/3/20 Invitation to begin discussions of negotiable effects of reopening
SCTA 6/23/20 General Discussion on Reopening Plan 
SCTA 7/2/20

Negotiations on Return Together Plan: Health & Safety Plan

Proposal to SCTA on Health & Safety

SCTA 7/10/20

Negotiations on Return Together Health & Safety Plan 

Proposal 2 to SCTA on Health and Safety

Proposal to SCTA on Essential Standards

SCTA 7/16/20

Proposal on Distance Learning 

SEIU 7/22/2020 General Discussion on Early Childhood Development. and Health and Safety
SEIU 7/28 General Discussion on Health and Safety
SCTA 7/28/2020

SCTA rejected Sac City Unified’s July 10 proposal to provide a stipend for teachers to support their colleagues by creating, developing and providing a bank of lessons on essential standards. SCTA rejected the proposal.


SCTA did not present the district with a counter proposal on the district’s July 16 proposal on Distance Learning or the July 2 proposal on Health and Safety.


SCTA and the district will meet again on August 6 and we look forward to receiving SCTA’s counter-proposal at that time.

SCTA 7/29/2020 As time is of the essence, the district plans to hold meetings as part of the negotiations process on August 3 and 4. These meetings will include time for questions and discussion with members from specific grade spans and specialty areas (e.g. SPED). SCUSD is committed to providing the clarity that our community and staff deserve regarding distance learning which begins on September 3.
SCTA 8/3/2020

Proposed Topics with SCTA Representatives:


10 AM Primary

11:45 AM Intermediate

1:30 PM Middle School

3:15 PM High School

SCTA 8/4/2020

Proposed Topics with SCTA Representatives:


10 AM Physical Education 

11:45 AM Special Education

1:30 PM Career Technical Education

3:15 PM Child Development

5 PM Music

SCTA 8/6/2020

Negotiation meeting - SCTA has stated they will present counter proposal to the district