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Although we know that we will begin the 2020-21 Academic Year with a full distance learning model, we also recognize that we must continue planning for when public health conditions improve and we can safely Return Together again. When that happy day arrives, we want to be ready with the information needed to develop plans quickly.

Return to Learn Update: Getting Ready for Distance Learning


On Wednesday, we announced that our 2020-21 academic year will begin with a full distance learning mode. While we had hoped to bring students back to both a blended learning model and distance learning plan, because of rising COVID-19 cases, lag times in testing, and inefficient contact tracing, we are unable to do so at this time. While we may not be offering a blended learning model at this time, we know that a strong distance learning plan will be a foundational component for either model in our Return Together plan.

Important Return Together Update: Sac City Unified will start next school year with full distance learning


A key aspect of our Return Together Plan, our Return to Learn academic plan, was updated today with the decision that students will begin the school year on September 3 with a full distance learning program.

This decision was not made lightly. We hoped and planned to offer students the option to choose between in-person instruction and distance learning, but unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are spiking in California, a delayed time lag exists between testing and receiving test results, and widespread contact tracing remains inefficient.

Given these factors, and based on the recommendation of the Sacramento County Department of Public Health, the district has concluded that starting the fall semester with full distance learning is the best way we can protect the health and safety of students and staff.

Return Together Plan Update: Family Survey Results and Academic Plan Vision


In case you missed it, yesterday we released one of six parts of our Return Together Plan for the 2020-21 Academic year. We know that in order to meet our students’ academic, social, and emotional needs, we must first and foremost protect their basic well-being and keep them safe. This is why we released our draft Return to Health Plan before any other key areas. Mitigation and prevention of COVID-19, both at home and school, is a foundational component of our plan.

Return Together Plan Update: Health and Safety Plan


This summer, our team has been hard at work collaborating with experts and districts throughout the country to create a Return Together plan that meets students’ academic, social and emotional needs.

Learn more about the status of key areas below, including the Return to Health Plan which has moved into Phase 2.

Planning to Return Together


We know our community is anxiously awaiting our plan for what school year will look for our next academic year. Summer has just begun, but we are very excited to see the smiling faces of our students again and we can’t wait to share the upcoming plan with our community. 

Today we’re updating you on the planning process and what you can expect when it comes to communication and information from the district about our Return Together Plan. The Return Together plan will focus on the following key areas: Health & Safety, Academics, Athletics, Attendance and Engagement, Climate & Culture, and Nutrition Services.

SCUSD Families – We Need Your Feedback on Distance Learning


This year has been difficult for students, staff, and our community. When our schools closed on March 13, we had to adjust quickly to continue meeting our students’ academic, social and emotional needs. This included providing students with food, computers, internet, social and emotional support, and developing a distance learning program in only a matter of weeks.

Looking Ahead to the Safe Reopening of Schools after COVID-19


Our district has collaborated with 12 local school districts and the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) to help develop SCOE’s document of guiding principles and planning considerations regarding reopening schools for the 2020-21 school year. The document – School Year Planning: A Guide to Address the Challenges of COVID-19 – provides guidelines and considerations as each district creates their own reopening plan.