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Professional Learning


Aim of Professional Learning for the 2020-21 School Year

In order to achieve the SCUSD guiding principle, “All students are given an equal opportunity to graduate with the greatest number of postsecondary choices from the widest array of options” we need to provide school site leaders and teachers with robust professional learning on high quality standards-based instruction, as part of an Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework to raise the achievement of all students and to close opportunity gaps that exist.  As we move into providing robust distance learning for every student, it would be beneficial for teachers and leaders to engage in professional learning as soon as possible.

To accomplish this the goals of professional learning for school leaders and teachers are:

  1. All school leaders/teachers will engage in professional learning focused on understanding the state standards and how to plan and deliver lessons using the Universal Design for Learning framework (UDL) for in person, virtual and blended learning environments.  To achieve a guaranteed and viable curriculum, leaders and teachers will adhere to the new scope and sequence for math and ELA. 
  2. All school leaders/teachers will use data (short, medium and long-term cycles) to inform and drive instruction (in person, virtual or blended) in support of an effective MTSS framework. 
  3. All school leaders/teachers will effectively engage all students in learning, in either a virtual, in-person or blended learning environment, by intentionally incorporating culturally relevant content and social emotional supports.
  4. All school leaders/teachers will effectively engage parents and families as partners in their students’ learning.
  5. All leaders/schools will deepen learning in improvement science to engage in inquiry cycles aimed at raising student outcomes outlined in the SPSA.

Mandated Content for Teachers and Leaders

  • Three self-paced modules for Universal Design for Learning including: 

    • Mindset
    • Frame
    • Lesson Delivery

Teachers will complete these modules and the corresponding processing guides and submit the processing guides to their principal or supervisor before the end of August 2020.  The time to complete the three (3) modules is approximately one (1) hour per module for a total of three (3) hours. The district previously provided these modules in Spring 2020.

  • District-provided self-paced online professional learning related to the use of Google Classroom to provide support for ongoing distance learning instruction.  Teachers will complete this online professional development and certify completion to their principal  before the end of August 2020.  The expected time for self-paced training is approximately up to six (6) hours, but may vary depending on familiarity with Google Classroom. The district previously provided these modules in Spring 2020.

  • The District’s professional learning on delivering instruction in a distance learning environment will focus on the following:

​How to plan and deliver instruction virtually, using UDL, integrating the following:

  • How to meet the needs of ALL Students, explicitly SWD, EL, Gifted
  • How to use necessary technology tools, such as Google Classroom
  • Integrated and designated ELD
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning / anti racist teaching 
  • Social Emotional Learning & Restorative practices
  • Use of data to drive instruction (short, medium and long term cycles) – Include PDSA
  • Assessment, Feedback & Grading Practices 
  • Use of priority standards, & district Scope & Sequence documents
  • Supporting and engaging families as partners in their children’s education

This PL would start before school, and would be ongoing throughout the year. Success metrics will be developed for leaders and teachers.  

  • Improvement Science: Supporting site level PDSA cycles to achieve SPSA goals

This professional learning would be ongoing throughout the school year to support the achievement of goals in the SPSA, and to achieve SPSA, Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and budget alignment. The use of improvement science to improve outcomes for students would also be integrated into the professional learning on UDL.

  • Additional Professional Learning available on an as needed basis for school leaders and teachers.  

District leaders would provide this to school leaders on an as needed basis (or school leaders can opt in). School leaders would provide this to teachers on an as needed basis (or teachers can opt in). These could be a series of online videos, and/or training specialists could provide this for teachers at schools.

  • Use and organization of Google Classroom for a virtual/ blended learning environment.
  • Use of Illuminate to administer assessments
  • Use of Illuminate to build assessments

Exemplary Lessons

We will compile a bank of exemplary lessons produced by teachers, for teachers, at each grade level and content area.  These can be used by other teachers as exemplars to follow.

Required Professional Learning for Substitute Teachers

Essential learning for Substitute Teachers Including the use of instructional technology (Google Classroom, Zoom) and how to teach in a virtual environment.