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Instructional Minutes Expectations


SB 98 (2020):

For distance learning, instructional time shall be based on the time value of assignments as determined, and certified to, by an employee of the local educational agency who possesses a valid certification document, registered as required by law.  As per SB98 the minimum minutes required are 180 for TK/K, 230 for grades 1-3 and 240 for grades 4-12.

During periods of distance learning, SCUSD shall provide a minimum of 240 minutes of instruction and student support to students in every grade span per day, which shall include both scheduled synchronous and asynchronous instruction to students.  The 240 minutes shall be exclusive of planning; office hours; required- professional development; and faculty, department, and grade level meetings. 

Instructional Minutes for Physical Education

SB 98 (2020):

(2) For the 2020–21 fiscal year, a local educational agency shall not be required to offer the minimum instructional minutes in physical education required pursuant to Sections 51210, 51220, 51222, and 51223.