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Return to Learn
Academic Plan During COVID-19


The Return to Learn academic plan was updated on 7/15/20 with the decision that students will begin the school year on September 3 with a full distance learning program.

This decision was not made lightly. We hoped and planned to offer students the option to choose between in-person instruction and distance learning, but unfortunately, COVID-19 cases are spiking in California, a delayed time lag exists between testing and receiving test results, and widespread contact tracing remains inefficient.

Given these factors, and based on the recommendation of the Sacramento County Department of Public Health, the district has concluded that starting the fall semester with full distance learning is the best way we can protect the health and safety of students and staff.

Draft Recommendations for Distance Learning
Return to Learn Academic Plan During COVID-19


A Message from Superintendent Jorge A. Aguilar: 

In response to public health conditions and under guidance by state and county local officials, Sac City Unified will begin the 2020-21 academic year with a full distance learning model. This was disappointing to many of us in the SCUSD community, as we had hoped to bring students back to both a blended learning model and distance learning plan. 

Although we will start the year with each student participating in distance learning, we will also continue working hard to prepare for the time when we are able to safely welcome our students back to campuses. 

We also know that a strong distance learning plan will be a foundational component for either model in our Return Together plan.

As our students start the fall semester with distance learning, we commit to our community that Sacramento City Unified’s distance learning plan will include high-quality instruction, structures to measure student progress, and accountability to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students. Our robust plan includes professional development and collaboration for teachers so that we can support the success of all students despite these trying circumstances. 

This pandemic has completely disrupted our school systems.  As we face this challenge,  this is also a chance to fight the inequities that existed before this pandemic. It is an opportunity for our district to improve and rise up to the challenge as we Return Together.

Read the Return to Learn Distance Learning Draft Plan

Read draft plan in Spanish, Hmong, Chinese or Vietnamese.

What to Expect from Distance Learning

Consistent direct live instruction for every student

Access to daily direct live instruction for students, with the option of participating in recorded instruction at alternate times of the day. 

Access and availability

Teacher availability to students outside of direct live instruction. 

Symmetry and cohesion in learning and delivery

Google Classroom as the learning management system to allow for symmetry and cohesion in instruction and learning. 


Meaningful and structured collaboration between teachers, principals, and colleagues from grade levels and departments to improve outcomes for students based on data and student need. 

Professional development and supports for educators

Professional development for all educators on strategies needed to deliver high-quality instruction and on the District’s learning management system, Google Classroom, to ensures students’ access to learning grounded in the essential standards.

Appropriate supports for students receiving Special Education

Ensure students with disabilities will be included in all offerings of school education models by using the IEP process to customize educational opportunities and supports when necessary. 

Targeted student support and intervention

Supports and instruction for small groups of students who need additional instructional and/or social and emotional attention. 

Communication and feedback

Regular communication to students and parents on learning goals and student progress, including weekly teacher-student-parent/guardian communication and reporting of student progress consistent with the District’s grading policies to maintain the home-to-school connection. 

Assessments and accountability

Assessments during learning and throughout the school year that evaluate how students are progressing both in the moment and over time to address learning loss before and after the school closure. 

Support for English Learners

Designated and integrated instruction in English language development including assessment of progress toward language proficiency and targeted support to access curriculum.