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Health Precautions for Students and Staff
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Layers of Safety

As we discuss mitigation measures, it is important for our community to know how COVID-19 is spread and controlled. COVID-19 is mostly spread by respiratory droplets released into the air when people talk, sing, laugh, cough, or sneeze.  The interventions below are listed in order of effectiveness at reducing the spreading COVID.  While research on the spread of COVID continues, the top three items are likely of similar importance:

  1. Face coverings
  2. Stable groups/Cohort
  3. Physical distancing
  4. Adequate ventilation
  5. Hand Hygiene
  6. Health Screening
  7. Surveillance/screening testing

Each strategy (face coverings, stable groups, distancing, etc.) decreases the risk of in-school transmission, however no one layer is 100% effective. Rather, it is the combination of layers that are most effective and have been shown to decrease transmissions. Frequent disinfection which was originally included on this list has been found to have insignificant impact on COVID-19 transmission and is recommended only after there is potential exposure in a school site.  Please see SCUSD Disinfecting Protection Procedures.