Return Health Disinfecting Procedures

Proper Disinfecting Procedures
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Regularly disinfect high-touch areas throughout the day. Frequently touched surfaces in the school include, but are not limited to: 

  • Door handles 
  • Light switches 
  • Sink handles 
  • Bathroom surfaces 
  • Tables 
  • Student Desks 
  • Chairs 

Inventory Controls

  • Order supplies for start and plan for inventory management:
    • Cloth face coverings — for students and staff, individuals can be encouraged to use their own cloth face covering 
    • Disposable masks for sick room. 
    • Face shields or goggles for sick room and for teachers 
    • Hand sanitizer — in every room, used by every individual entering 
    • Spray bottles and disinfectant and paper towels — every room to clean surfaces 
    • Gloves — for use in case of vomiting or helping sick or injured students 
    • Thermometers — thermometer needed at each site for sick room. 
    • Handwashing stations if insufficient sink access at sites. 
  • Back stock of PPEs 
  • Proper ordering procedures from central location/system 
  • Use of district-approved products only